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Daily Archive: July 27, 2017

Romantic Hotels

If you want to go out on a date or planned to spend a vacation with someone you love the you may want to consider the following lovely and romantic hotels around the world.

1. Algodon Mansion, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The rooftop pool — a serious rarity in BA — is a welcome (and little used) diversion, as is the intimate Cognac Bar, complete with humidor.

2.  Amangani, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A spectacularly sleek, outdoor pool is available for use in all seasons, and bespoke trail rides and trips.

3. Dedon Island, Surigao Philippines. A remote and well developed resort which makes you more close to the nature.

4. Sugar Beach, St. Lucia, Caribbean. A beautiful resort in Caribbean with breath taking views.

5. Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea, Taormina Mare, Italy. It has the most romantic views at night and there are complimentary boat trips that will take visitors to explore coastline.

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Top 3 Rated LG 60 inch TVs

Are you specific about picking the best TV designed by LG? Indeed the manufacturer has come a long way in delivering the best of technology at affordable prices. When it comes to TV viewing, the size certainly has alot to say. Hence, for the TV lovers, a 60-inch TV is a must to consider while making a choice for TV.

These TVs have the highest refresh rates and they fit well in any size of the room. Also, the images on this TV are visible from any distance. TV viewing is not limited to merely entertainment. A TV is a whole world and individuals spend a significant amount of time watching TV now. Hence, best viewing which is friendly to the eye, combines best of picture enhancing features with sound is what a buyers searches for.

For those having avid loyalty to LG, here is a range of top 3 Rated LG 60 inch TVs. It is crucial to be well educated about the features of all top models before shelling out the high amount for dream home cinema viewing.


This the latest LG 4k TV model in the market at present. OLED is an absolutely unique and latest display technology. It beats even the LED TVs in terms of display and clarity. No wonder, the cost of the product is also higher. It is a merely 5.9mm thin TV that installs the best of technology in the most sophisticated package. It provides self lighting pixels. This TV, unlike a LED, does not require any separate backlight. For installation also, this TV makes use of minimum supports, holes and fastening agents. Thus, it goes best with your aesthetically designed home.

When it comes to sound, it presents Harmin Kardon sound technology, backed by webOS smart TV platform. The TV comes with a magic motion remote. This remote works sensing voice recognition. Wi-Fi, MHL Mira cast and Intel WiDi are some other unique features.

LG Electronics 60LB5900 60-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED TV (2014 Model)

This model features 1080p resolution making the images stand apart and far clearer. It gives a double pixel resolution as good as a standard high definition TV. This feature adds value to Blu-ray movies and basic HD channel viewing. Also, it offers a LED backlighting feature.

This TV adds clarity to most blurred images and delivers amazing viewing experience in fast moving action as well as sports matter. It makes use of Motion Clarity Index 240.

This model is premier and superior to CCFL technology. It is much slimmer, easy to handle and install and offers charging facility when connected to the phone.

LG 60LA6200 60″ LED TV

This TV offers full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution taking your TV viewing experience to a different level. Its magic sensor remote knows your voice and follows your instructions like a genie. It allows the users to point, click, scroll and even magnify images on the screenvirtually.

The key features of this model include resolution elevator, dual core processor, energy saving ability, We If, sound optimiser and Tag ON.

This TV also has Triple XD Engine. It comes with sets of 3D glasses that add ease to the eye while viewing. This TV is best suited for those planning to set up a home theatre. This TV also smarty records missed shows.

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